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5000 community-driven Cosmic Moonbirds are being minted onto the Cardano blockchain, available for nesting and staking. Each Cosmic Moonbird has its own traits and its own story. This is the start of your cosmic journey...

Get ready to nest you Cosmic Moonbirds and level up to earn awesome staking prizes, airdrops and much more! 

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Provisional and subject to change based on community feedback

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Cosmic Moonbirds Founder, Cosmic Ell

Taking huge inspiration from Kevin Rose and the Moonbirds over at Ethereum, the team, lead by Cosmic Ell, are bringing nesting and staking to the Cardano blockchain.

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Cosmic Moonbirds Artist, Cosmic Steve

The artwork, using pixelation themes, allows the Cosmic moonbirds to be easily transferable to applications and utility.

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Cosmic Moonbirds Co-founder/ artist, Cosmic Mardo

Cosmic Moonbirds Co-founder, working closely alongside Cosmic Ell, to deliver a staking and nesting system that is both effective and rewarding on the Cardano blockchain.


A look at our community-driven Manual Staking (nesting)  system!


A look into our manual staking process:

For holders of Cosmic Moonbird NFTs,  they must hold at least one Cosmic Moonbird NFT in the wallet address used to mint the Cosmic Moonbird, and the wallet address should be submitted to our staking channel, CMStaking. Their wallet address will be submitted into a spreadsheet that will include their "STAKE" address as well as their minting address. The initial date of minting ((4th June 2022,) 04/06/2022) will be recorded as the start date for staking. This address can also be verified on

This will bring utility to the Cosmic Moonbird NFTs, making them a profitable digital asset to hold. We will use to verify the dates of which the NFTs were acquired, and this will indicate the allocated time period of which a holder will receive a specific reward.


Holders can stake their Cosmic Moonbird NFTs for a set period of up to 2 months for staking depending on the amount of Cosmic Moonbird NFTs held in their minting wallet. After 2 months, our series 2 drop will take place, and this will be the when holders will have the option to continue staking. After the end of the first 2 months of staking in a holders wallet, they will be airdropped a series 2 Cosmic Moonbird NFT to their series 1 minting wallet. This will be applicable for holders that have NOT transferred their Cosmic Moonbird NFT to another wallet. Therefore, any Cosmic Moonbird NFTs that leave the initial wallet during the staking time period (2 months after the mint date) will not be eligible for the main reward of a free series 2 Cosmic Moonbird NFT.

This process is manual, in that the staking process will occur directly through our team. This allows us to provide holders with genuinely useful and desirable NFTs as rewards for staking, as appose to token derivatives where their use is unclear. We believe in rewarding our minters and holders with a reward system that provides value, and using NFT rewards as appose to tokens is, in our belief, a much more rewarding and satisfactory staking reward system.

This means that the staking, as mentioned, will be manually undertaken by our team. This method of staking allows us to be responsive to Cosmic Moonbird holders wants and needs, therefore we can directly tailor our rewards based on community feedback. Our emphasis has always been on community, and by staking this way, we can become one of the most rewarding, useful and manual staking NFTs on the Cardano blockchain.


Our rewards system:


Our staking rewards system will be released on 10/06/2022 at 20:00 UTC in our #rewards-system channel of our discord, and on our official website. This rewards system will include specific dates and times as to when holders can expect to be airdropped their earned rewards. There will be a time period, which will span over a few hours on the specific reward day, to allow our team to allocate the rewards to all holders. As mentioned, the rewards system will be released soon and this will make things more clear. 


This system of staking, which is manually undertaken by our team, does not include smart contracts, as the distribution of NFTs as part of our rewards system would not work in this way as we would like. We understand this does require belief in the project, and we know we have one of the best communities in the space! Thanks guys for your awesome support!

This roadmap is provisional and subject to change based on the community feedback!